Corporate Team Building: Doing Good is Good for Business! MANNA takes corporate philanthropy and volunteering to the next level by offering a hands-on corporate team-building experience. Corporate teams come to the MANNA kitchen to nourish the lives of over 2,000 individuals in the Greater Philadelphia area who are battling life-threatening illnesses. Volunteering at MANNA is a transformative experience that develops interpersonal group skills lasting a lifetime. MANNA offers morning, afternoon, evening and full-day team-building opportunities Monday through Thursday in the MANNA kitchen. Set your group up for success and be among the region’s leaders that are building their teams One Meal At A Time. The MANNA team-building experience:

  • Engages team in new tasks that foster bonds among members
  • Team members leave MANNA with a tangible sense of accomplishment
  • Experience builds leadership skills within the team
  • Breaks down barriers between individuals through group participation and opens the channels of communication, improving morale
  • Reinforces concept that a team is more powerful than the sum of its parts
  • Individuals combine skills to meet challenges; giving all members a greater sense of ownership and belonging within the group
  • Opportunity for staff and management to commingle outside of the office
  • Imparts the idea that collectively, through volunteering, neighbors are nourishing neighbors and ultimately strengthening their own communities

For more information or to schedule a corporate team-building experience, contact Jody McIntosh at 215 496 2662 x113 or email Jody.


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The Steven Korman
Nutrition Center

420 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
T: 215.496.2662

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