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Nourish to go means …

healthy and nutritious meals delivered right to your door!

If you do not have a life-threatening illness and don’t qualify for MANNA’s free meal program


You’d like to get healthy food delivered to your door while helping those less fortunate –

Our NOURISH TO GO program is for you!


Imagine this…

A meal service staffed by chefs and nutritionists that brings healthy, nourishing home cooked meals right to your door. Each meal is just $4.99 (excluding delivery) and includes an entrée and two sides.

Each time you order our Nourish to Go meals, you’ll be helping to support those neighbors who are critically ill in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area.  So…you get healthy food, your neighbors get the nourishment they need to get better – everyone benefits!

Our meal plans run on a 6 week rotation so you always get a diverse array of entrees to choose from! We have selections for diabetic, kidney disease and heart healthy diets. We deliver 5 or 7 dinners weekly. Our dinners are made with FRESH ingredients and are frozen for delivery to ensure they last until you’re ready to microwave them or pop them in the oven!  Eating healthy was never this easy…and never tasted so good!

Want more information? Contact Kendl Hommel at or 215-496-2662 x136

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The Steven Korman
Nutrition Center

420 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
T: 215.496.2662

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